Divest from Empire’s bottom-shaming —and receive luxury, pleasure, and delight like never before.

We will weave together:


European folklore and myth

Body awareness

Practical magic & ritual

Join us to connect with luxurious pleasure, and a radical embracing of your whole self.

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This workshop is for you if you...


✨  Want to uplevel your financial and spiritual abundance


✨  Desire a better and more pleasurable relationship with your bottom


✨  Crave a magical practice, unique to you and guided by your body, that transforms your life 


✨  Are invested in undoing internalized and embodied Empire (i.e.whiteness, homophobia, misogyny, and oppression) within yourself and the world around you


✨  Are ready to release bottom-shame and gain tools and practices to radically embrace your bottom pleasure and relaxation


✨  Long for greater freedom, playfulness, and empowerment


✨  Are curious and open hearted towards your own experience and that of others


✨  Feel excited and intrigued while reading this (...and maybe a little nervous, too)

This may not be for you if you...


✨   Feel overwhelming physical or emotional discomfort when you listen to people speak about buttholes


✨   Are in financial hardship and expect/require immediate monetary gain from this workshop


✨   Are deeply suspicious of abundance mindset, anti-oppressive work, or magic

Here's what you can expect...

This is a one day, multi-session online workshop on
Saturday November 21st, led by three practitioner-educators of body-awareness and the political-personal and symbolic spheres.

Together, we will help you cultivate a relationship with your butthole as a magical tool for pleasure and flow, whose well-being is
directly connected to your spiritual and financial abundance.


We will...

...Share and integrate powerful imagery from folklore and myth to expand your symbolic awareness


...Introduce the principles of abundance mindset and demonstrate how to activate them in your mind, body, and spirit


...Support you in developing an understanding of your personal anatomy of pleasure by cultivating and practicing body awareness


...Guide you to build a personalized practical magical practice to transform your daily life, relationship to your body,  and internal dialogue

Gather with us to reconnect with the delighted abundance that is your birthright.

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You'll receive...

  • 1 day workshop

  • Workbook to track your embodied experience, enabling you to develop a personalized magical practice 

  • Bonus PDF of supportive resources and art

  • Original folklore linocut

  • Video recordings of live sessions 

  • A Spotify playlist to get your bottom grooving

  • Q & A after the workshop


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Please note that this is a fully-clothed workshop for both instructors & participants.

Here's our schedule for the day:

Session 1:   
Session 2:   1:00 -2:00
20 minute break:   2:00-2:20
Session 3:   2:20-3:20
10 min break:   3:20-3:30
Q&A Session:   3:30-4:15

All times are in Pacific Time.

Meet your teachers...

Danica Boyce is a folklore researcher, medievalist, and educator living on Wet'suwet'en territory. She hosts the popular Fair Folk Podcast, and leads  Abundance Paganism, an original online course that marries sound academic research of European pagan tradition with accessible practices rooted in abundance mindset and anti-imperialism. She holds a Masters in medieval studies, specializing in catholic miracle tales and the gendered, racialized body in antisemitic folklore.

River Drosera is an SSEA Certified Somatic Sex Educator, IASHS Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and a Tension and Trauma Release Exercises® practitioner with a private practice in Nisenan Territory (Sacramento, CA). Their work is dedicated to supporting the re-integration of the erotic body after trauma with scar tissue remediation, body-centered practices, and the discharging of stuck emotions and tension held in the body's tissues. River creates a non-judgmental and safe space for queer, trans, non-binary folx, and women to explore their boundaries, desires, and pleasure at their own pace.

Jeanette Sheehy is a researcher/activist/artist/educator who works to undo embodied-Empire and lives on Yuułuʔiłʔath territory (currently known as Ucluelet, BC). She is an abolitionist who practices the anarchism of her grandmothers, and strives to embody the anti-fascism of Sophie Scholl. She was a Prosperity Witch for Free Cascadia Witch Camp for 4 years and is trained in financial management. She is currently building Ground Connections, a place for people of Irish Ancestry to unlearn whiteness by reconnecting to language, art, and embodied rebellion. She is the creative lead of Spit Fire, a magazine-workbook that aims to undo Empire through connection and vulnerability. Jeanette is academically trained, and aims to create educational opportunities that are accessible and fun.

Join us today to open yourself up to the luxury and abundance that is your birthright.

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Please note that this will be a fully-clothed workshop for both instructors and participants.